Strung Out and Hunted Beneath a Killing Moon

Editor’s note: as today’s article demonstrates, I am indeed writing regularly again; albeit while lacking an overarching sense of direction and struggling to focus on a given topic. Unfortunately, roughly fourteen hours of tinkering, rust and aggravation have combined to leave me too exhausted to give this piece a proper intro. Personally, I think the work stands on its own merit but there’s always a slim chance I might be a little biased.



“Wait; did he actually just fucking say that?”

Fourteen months into the at once utterly mind-warping and yet, distressingly predictable klepto-presidency of fascist American swine emperor Trump, everyone with two functional synapses to rub together is undoubtedly getting mighty tired of the ongoing and obviously myopic Beltway establishment mantra that “this is not normal.” The simple, even undeniable truth is that after nearly two-hundred and forty-two years of unshakable devotion to endless war, slavery and the obscene rule of capital over all domains, nothing could possibly be more normal in this pig empire than a jackass billionaire white supremacist occupying the most powerful office in the so-called western world. To deny this reality is to subconsciously pretend that a proto-fascist police state Panopticon magically sprung up out of the ground on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration; an obviously preposterous position that nevertheless appears to be an official plank of the party platform for feckless modern day Democrats.

Once in a while however, amid the mainstream media’s hagiographic braying for a simpler time when men like George W Bush and Barrack Obama murdered Iraqi children with more perceived panache, gravitas and class, our rapist-in-chief will indeed utter something so terrifyingly unhinged that even a jaded, veteran observer of the wretched, festering hellpit that is American politics has to stop and ask – “wait, did he actually just fucking say that?

Yes my friends, Herr Donald did indeed express a favorable position towards executing “drug dealers” while discussing the Orwellian middle American opioid crisis; echoing similarly unnerving remarks the President made in late February and then again in early March during a White House summit on opioid addiction. Notably, these most recent comments came during a new American Bund rally for entirely forgettable Republican Congressional candidate Rick Saccone, in a sweaty airport hanger packed full of cheering revanchists, just outside of Pittsburgh. This is “death by fentanyl” country, not far from the desolate Pennsylvania steel towns hollowed out by international trade agreements and monstrously unfettered corporate greed; as such, it was no accident that Trump brought his war on drugs circus act to this place where capitalism, dope and despair have left the locals literally dying – and rightfully looking for someone to blame.

True to his loathsome nature as a reality TV performer the swine emperor did not disappoint, offering the assembled, predominantly white Volk fistfuls of raw bleeding meat in the form of platitudes about victory through “toughness” and implied promises to punish murderous drug dealers with life imprisonment or execution – “the ultimate penalty” in Trump’s own twisted game show host vernacular. Of course Fuckface Von Clownstick says a lot of objectively insane shit when surrounded by his adoring culture warriors at these proto-fascist rallies, but the fact that mutant shithead policy wonks in the White House are actually examining the feasibility of executing drug dealers should definitely scare the holy crap out of rational observers. While there is a certain tendency among blinkered pundits (myself included) to mistake Trump’s unhinged, rambling speaking style for simple moronic bloviating, in between Herr Donald’s repeated name-dropping of friendly murderous autocrats, it was patently impossible not to perceive the broad outline of a familiar, inhumanely cruel and surprisingly cunning plan to re-elect the swine emperor in 2020.

There is a crude sort of neanderthal logic in pairing the Trump administration’s wholly inadequate response to the American opioid crisis with pig-fucking Attorney General Jeff Session’s new (old) war on drugs; while simultaneously praising strongman murderers and offering only afterthought lip service towards punishing the staggeringly corrupt drug manufactures that created this horrifying health disaster. After all, the swine emperor is no longer even keeping up the appearance of courting non-white voters and there is a long, shameful history of using a racially-coded “war on drugs” to persecute visible minorities in America; a still-current reality wholly borne out by independently verified statistics. As a result of his lifetime of virulent public racism, Trump knows full well that when he tells an adoring audience of his reactionary supporters that he wants to execute drug dealers, they don’t mentally picture a white man strapped down on the goddamn injection table.

Furthermore, this repugnant line of racially-coded rhetoric dovetails exceptionally well with the downmarket Mussolini’s ongoing campaign financing efforts; getting tough on “drug dealers” meshes perfectly with the concept of warehousing minorities for profit in a Trump administration literally up to its fucking eyeballs in donation money from an extremely grateful private prison industry. Finally, by focusing the ire of his white supremacist base against predominantly minority “drug dealers” and away from obscenely wealthy pharma executives, Trump appeases perhaps his most important constituency of all; a complicit Republican Congress that actively helps giant drug companies harvest corpses for profit by flooding desperate, decaying factory towns all over the country with various types of medical heroin – and has no intention of halting that gruesome harvest anytime soon.

As mind-fuckingly awful as that all is however, there is an even darker side to Trump’s thinly-disguised racist rhetoric and praise for the tactics of monsters like Rodrigo Duterte; a man who has openly empowered extra-judicial deaths squads to execute even ordinary drug addicts in the Philippines. In a nation already awash in hate crimes and rapidly-escalating racial violence, it strikes me as a catastrophically terrible fucking idea to publicly call for the death of common street dealers while praising a psychopathic program of vigilante justice that has already killed thousands; unless of course you actively want murderous gangs of reactionary thugs roaming the streets of America. Is that the horrifying handle here? When the regime specifically instructs domestic intelligence agencies to stop investigating right wing reactionary violence and to refocus their efforts on “anarchists, black identity extremists and radical Islam” – isn’t that sending a pretty goddamn clear message about which types of violence do and don’t matter to the swine emperor and his nightmare retrograde Justice Department?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if the anti-Trump McResistance will be of much help in stopping theses brewing atrocities; despite largely token attempts to address mass incarceration, many suddenly FBI-loving Democrats have caught the reactionary “Blue Lives Matter” virus like a nasty case of nostalgic lycanthropy. In a political party at least partially convinced the road back to power lies in appeasing Middle American white grievance, taking a position that can be painted as “soft on crime” andanti-corporate” threatens to sink neoliberal politicians faster than a Howard Dean scream. Although it’s exceptionally unlikely that mainstream liberals will actually support Trump’s “ultimate penalty” proposal, the distinct lack of aggressive push-back by opposition Democrats suggests that there’s little centrist appetite for defending accused drug dealers in the middle of a catastrophically deadly opioid crisis. Indeed, with influential Vichy Democrats openly cheering a potential Kamala Harris/Joe Kennedy III “law and order” ticket in 2020 and lackey pharma ghouls like Cory Booker roaming the halls of the Senate, it certainly looks like a “war on drugs” that disproportionately harms minority communities and the poor might be on the menu no matter who the wretched proles vote for.

No, there will be no cavalry riding valiantly to the rescue; the pharmaceutical industry plot to sell poor people medical heroin will continue unabated and structural racism in the American justice system will ensure that impoverished, predominantly black people are punished for the inhuman transgressions of drug companies and corrupt politicians. As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, you can guarantee that no wealthy white men will face the “ultimately penalty” for pushing dope on shattered communities victimized by greedy politicians and global capitalism. We are all living poisoned lives of quiet desperation underneath a killing moon now; a rapidly disintegrating society full of fractured and fractious junkie werewolves just waiting for Hecate’s curse to unleash torrents of real human carnage and gore.

This is dark, venomous magic we’re playing with here and whether it’s by state-assisted capitalist depredation, chasing dragons into oblivion or a judicial invitation to take a mandatory dirt nap, one thing is abundantly clear – for the proletariat in America, dying time is here.


  • Nina Illingworth


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