The Darkness of Donald: Trump is a Sex Abuser

Editor’s note: unfortunately I’m feeling a little strung out and under the weather this morning; at least in part I suspect due to the fact that I’m adjusting to the Canadian winter climate once again as the damp coldness rolls in. I’m still tinkering with a couple of “Russiagate” essays that I’d hoped to have published by now, but at this point neither one is currently ready for public consumption. As a result, I figured I’d change gears today and take a detailed look at a subject I’ve been intending to explore for quite a while – the overwhelmingly credible evidence that President Donald Trump is guilty of multiple counts of sexual assault and sexual harassment.

As regular readers are no doubt aware, I’ve written several articles about high profile accusations of sexual assault and harassment in politics or political media; including (but not limited to) statistically credible sexual assault allegations against former US President Bill Clinton, attempts by mainstream liberal media to eulogize sexual predator (and likely rapist) Roger Ailes and a recent discussion about the ongoing Congressional sexual harassment cover-up scandal. Throughout the past year, I have sincerely intended to explore the President’s longstanding, objectively horrific treatment of women in some capacity, but Trump’s installation of a neo-feudalist government, the terrifying attack on civil liberties being conducted by the Jeff Sessions-lead Department of Justice and America’s alarming lurch towards overt fascism have definitely taxed my resources; frankly, I believe that no one writer can possibly hope to cover every story about a government this awful.

If ever there were a proper time to correct this oversight however, today’s Deep Dive edition of The Simple Truth seems just about perfect; especially in light of the news that the Democratic party is (belatedly) forcing the resignations of multiple party representatives due to credible sexual harassment allegations while Trump himself continued to endorse, protect and lie for accused child molester Roy Moore until the bitter end of his Alabama Senate campaign.




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Frankly, after examining the overwhelming preponderance of evidence against swine emperor Trump, I find it almost categorically impossible to believe there’s any chance he’s actually innocent of both sexual assault and sexual harassment; more to the point, the sheer mathematical likelihood that the President is guilty makes dissecting the matter in excruciating detail at least mildly insulting to the integrity of the victims of Trump’s depredations and also the intelligence of readers here on this website. As was the case with Bill Clinton, Bill Cosby, Roger Ailes and more recently, Harvey Weinstein; when the story shifts from “he said, she said” to “he said, she said, she said, she said, etc” it is simply not reasonable to believe the Trump administration’s declaration that “all 16 of these women are lying.”

In the interests of a thorough examination however, let’s take a brief look at what key portions of the evidence against Donald Trump actually reveal:


Honestly, I could simply call this an article right here in light of the two serious problems these accusations present for our bloviating, misogynist President; namely that the sheer volume of complaints from unrelated women makes it highly fucking unlikely that Trump is innocent, as well as the fact the majority of Trump’s accusers have described nearly identical types of assault or harassment and Trump himself has been recorded admitting to engaging in those very same types of criminal activity. When taken as a whole, the evidence available in the public sphere makes it pretty clear to any reasonable person that the President of the United States is guilty of both sexual assault and sexual harassment; activities that are otherwise known as “literally crimes” to educated observers.

Perhaps that is why the President, the White House and “conservative” media have invested so much energy in keeping these allegations largely separated in the minds of Trump’s reactionary supporters; employing a staggering myriad of denials, misrepresentations, misdirection tactics, counter-accusations and even outright bullshit to muddy up the waters and try to create plausible deniability on behalf of the sexual abuser in the White House. Unsurprisingly, these various excuses are often contradictory, objectively false or completely off topic:


All of which naturally leads us to perhaps the most important problem with Trump’s entire defensive strategy in the wake of these highly disturbing allegations; the fact that a man who literally never stops lying and has actually been called a “pathological liar” by one of his colleagues in government, wants you to believe that all of these women are lying and only he alone is telling the truth. Examining the evidence in its totality however, this idea is simply preposterous and while it’s entirely possible that some of Trump’s accusers could be lying, there simply isn’t a snowball’s chance in hell that they’re all lying; as such, it is more than fair to say accusations of sexual assault and sexual harassment against President Trump are in fact credible.


Down the Rabbit Hole: Ivana Trump’s Ever-Changing Story

At this point I’d like to note that I’ve separated this section from the previous portion of this essay for a reason; our examination is about to get a little more convoluted and a whole lot more terrifying. Up until this now, I’ve focused our discussion on credible accusations of sexual assault and or harassment against the President by at least eighteen named women who have all gone on record with their stories; accusations I personally believe have more than enough merit to all but confirm that President Trump is a sex abuser without going any farther. It is however indeed possible to go farther down the dark and twisted rabbit hole of Trump’s objectively abusive relationships with women in virtually every aspect of his life – as bad as the things we know about Trump are, the things we simply don’t know may actually be much worse.

Let’s start with Trump’s 1990 divorce from then-wife Ivana, a proceeding during which she reportedly gave a sworn deposition accusing The Donald of assaulting and then raping her in fit of rage at some point in 1989. I say reportedly because the allegations come from a 1993 book by author Harry Hurt III and the sworn deposition is part of a divorce trial that both Donald Trump and his ex-wife have fought to keep sealed off from public scrutiny. Naturally the swine emperor denies any such event occurred and his unhinged lawyer as well as several campaign spokespeople have all thrown up a wave of “explanatory” bullshit; even Ivana herself first tempered the rape allegations in the wake of her divorce settlement before declaring her prior accusations were “completely without merit” in an official statement obtained by CNN in 2015.

There are however a number of serious problems with Trump World’s defense; starting with the indisputable reality that Ivana Trump received a divorce settlement worth over fourteen million dollars that included a gag order preventing her from talking about her marriage to Donald Trump without his permission; a gag order that Trump’s attorneys have enforced many times in the past. Did Ivana “soften” her rape accusation (without actually denying it) as part of the divorce settlement? In light of the available evidence, are we even sure Ivana Trump actually wrote either carefully worded statement at all? What about the report that she told two separate friends that she’d been raped at the time it happened? Shouldn’t it bother informed observers to note that Ivana effectively said she was raped under oath, but issued these clarifications in a setting where she had no legal requirement and arguably a financial disincentive to tell the truth?

Frankly, Trump’s representatives can blather on all they want about whether or not a man can rape his spouse and what was meant by the word “rape” the simple truth is, it is definitely illegal to rape your spouse and the actions Ivana reportedly described in the deposition unquestionably amount to a violent rape! If Hurt’s account of what Ivana’s sworn deposition described is an utter falsehood, why hasn’t Trump (a man known to frivolously sue anyone who speaks ill of him) or his pit-bull lawyer actually sued the author for defamation? If there wasn’t an established pattern of abuse, why did Trump invoke his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination roughly a hundred times under cross examination by Ivana’s lawyers during the trial? Why was Ivana Trump granted a divorce on the grounds of Donald’s “cruel and unusual treatment” of her in a case where Trump’s now ex-wife claimed The Donald had demeaned, humiliated and verbally assaulted her for the entire three years prior to their separation? Didn’t Trump all but directly admit to purposely mistreating his wife in a 1994 interview where he boasted about telling his friends to “be rougher” with their wives?


Further Down the Rabbit Hole: Jeffrey Epstein & Donald’s Dark Demeanor

While we’re on the subject of Donald Trump, rape allegations and courts of law; what is a rational observer supposed to make of accusations that the (now) President of the United States once raped a thirteen year old girl and the related issue of Trump’s past association with convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffery Epstein? In all fairness, I should point out that the lawsuit alleging Trump and Epstein raped a teenage girl was voluntarily withdrawn a mere four days before the 2016 election, there are legitimate questions about the motive for launching it and the swine emperor’s spokespeople and legal representatives have always vehemently denied the allegations on behalf of Trump. Unfortunately however (and stop me if you’ve heard this one before) there are in fact a number of problems with these denials that in and of themselves, raise further questions:


Alright, so we can safely say that President Trump did in fact have some sort of relationship with convicted billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, but how close were they really? Were they simply wealthy acquaintances who attended the same high society functions, or was there a deeper friendship between the two men?

A glowing 2002 New York magazine profile of Epstein before the sex crimes scandal in which Trump is purported to know a side of Jeff that few others would recognize seems to imply they were more than just casual acquaintances. Isn’t it at least fair to ask if there’s a larger meaning to Trump’s bizarre and unprompted declaration that Epstein likes his women “on the younger side” before adding “no doubt about it, Jeffrey enjoys his social life” in light of the fact that the guy he’s talking about would soon be exposed as a pedophile who hosted child rape parties on something called “Orgy Island” when not darting around the world in a private jet known as the “Lolita Express?”

We know that Trump rode on one of Epstein’s private jets at least once; did he also attend any of Jeffrey’s rape parties with underage girls? If so, Epstein isn’t telling; in 2010, he admitted under cross examination to “socializing” with Trump but when the question was rephrased to ask if he’d “ever socialized with Donald Trump in the presence of females under the age of 18” the billionaire pedophile shockingly asserted his fifth amendment right to avoid self-incrimination.

This information in turn just leads to still more disturbing questions. Is it just a weird coincidence that a woman who alleges she was held as a teenage sex slave by Epstein in a now settled lawsuit, also credibly claimed that she was recruited into a life of repeated sexual abuse by Epstein’s former girlfriend while working as a 15-year-old towel girl at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort? What is a reasonable observer who is aware of Trump’s ties to Epstein supposed to think about the President’s already creepy has hell “joking” comments about potentially dating extremely young girls in the past, in light of what we know about the relationship between the two billionaires? What about the President’s 1999 comment on the Howard Stern Show that Trump’s then seventeen year old daughter Ivanka had forced him to promise to “never to date anyone younger than her?” Speaking of Ivanka Trump, how extra-nauseating are the swine emperor’s prior comments that he’s okay with calling her a “piece of ass” and Trump’s repeated jokes about dating or sleeping with his own daughter?

Finally, let me ask you one last, very simple question; can you think of a completely innocent reason for a convicted pedophile (who may have been blackmailing extremely powerful men) that President Trump had no business with and claims to only know casually, to have fourteen seperate contact numbers for Donald Trump in his seemingly incriminating little black book? Yeah, me neither.


Ultimately, any truly exhaustive examination of the staggering mountain of evidence that President Donald Trump is a sexual abuser involves separating what we know, from what we can reasonably suspect and objectively studying his long term patterns of abuse.

The simple truth is that it is not even remotely unfair to say Donald Trump literally hates women in light of his well documented history of abuse allegations and his public comments about women in general. Furthermore, because more than a dozen women have publicly come forward to accuse Trump of sexual assault as well as the President’s own recorded 2005 confession that he engages in the exact same behavior his accusers described; we are faced with the statistical reality that Donald Trump is a sexual abuser. Finally, because multiple women have come forward to accuse the swine emperor of behavior that is very clearly sexual harassment while he was running various beauty pageants and Trump himself admitted to this behavior in public (while explaining precisely why he felt entitled to harass beauty pageant competitors on the Howard Stern show) it is more than fair to say Donald Trump is guilty of sexual harassment.

Is Donald Trump a rapist? I certainly think so. The activities Ivana Trump described under oath in The Donald’s first divorce can only be described as a cruel, violent rape and I can think of roughly fourteen million and one good reasons for Ivana to change her story after the fact. In light of the swine emperor’s litigious history, the fact that Trump has never sued the author of The Lost Tycoon all but confirms that Hurt III’s description of the deposition is accurate. Furthermore, what little court documents we have available suggest a pattern of escalation in the relationship from Donald that is completely consistent with known cycles of sexual violence, ultimately culminating in an act of forced penetration that was about power and revenge more than sex or lust. Trump was furthermore accused of attempted rape under oath as part of a lawsuit in 1997 by Jill Harth that was eventually settled out of court. Where there’s multiple instances of smoke, there’s probably fire and you’re welcome to hang on to the microscopic possibility that Trump is not a rapist while quibbling over the difference between sexual assault with and without penetration if you like; but I’m not interested in dissecting repugnant moonshots to protect an obviously guilty sexual predator.

Is Donald Trump a child rapist? This is the point where I become hesitant to make bold declarations; not because of the outrageous nature of the crimes, but rather because of the paucity of available evidence against Trump. What I do know is that Donald Trump had quite an extensive relationship with a convicted billionaire pedophile who may have been blackmailing powerful men; furthermore Trump and his representatives have been flat out lying about this relationship since Epstein was finally arrested in 2006. To my knowledge there has never been a thorough, legal investigation into the precise nature of Trump’s relationship with Epstein and in light of the fact that The Donald is now president, such an investigation seems warranted because we have no idea if Epstein (who is a free man today) has compromising information on the American head of state. Once again if fascist propagandists want to argue that all I can prove is Trump hung around with the most famous pedophile in American history and endorsed a child molester for the US Senate; that’s a hill I’m happy to let them die on. While it’s true that none of this makes Trump objectively guilty, in light of his previous (and terrifying) comments about very young women, I sure wouldn’t leave him alone in a room with a young teenage girl under any circumstances – and that seems like a problem, given that he’s the President of the United States.

In light of the fact that Trump is objectively a misogynist, the mathematical near-certainty that he’s guilty of sexual harassment as well as sexual assault and the extremely strong likelihood that he violently raped his then-wife Ivana Trump in 1989; I’d like to join various Democratic Party politicians in calling for a full investigation of sexual misconduct allegations against Trump as well as demanding the swine emperor’s immediate resignation because he doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of being innocent of all of these charges.

It’s time for America’s long nightmare to end; both in terms of swine emperor Trump and in terms of a culture that persistently denies the existence of sexual abuse against women by powerful men. It’s time for the unfolding #MeToo era to get as real as penitentiary steel – today, we must start by toppling a president who hates and abuses women.

It is time, to breath fire.


– Nina Illingworth


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