A Brief Thought: the Trump Card

Editor’s note: well my friends, here we are; after months of declaring that there was almost no way I could see Donald Trump finishing his first term as President of the United States, the corpulent proto-fascist has finally managed to shit all over the rug and hand his political enemies enough ammunition to all but completely ensure his eventual downfall. Yes, the GOP can protect the swine emperor from removal by various methods and for a while they might, but I wouldn’t count on that position lasting too long. Entirely through his own recent (and objectively bizarre) actions, Trump has become a burning coal in the Republican Party’s clenched fist and while it may take weeks, months and even possibly a year or two – the writing is clearly on the wall for Herr Donald; whether or not that’s actually a good thing for America remains to be seen.

Unfortunately the sheer size and scope of Trump’s seemingly impending demise have had me scrambling after dozens of convoluted plot threads that may or may not always be ultimately relevant to the final story; virtually everyone in Washington on both sides of the political aisle has something to hide at the best of times and when a government melts down in slow motion like the Trump administration appears to be doing you can damn well bet the prevailing level of spin will be absurd. In light of this and because I’m busy composing articles about these historic events in real time, today’s Brief Thought is going to be short, sweet and more than a little messy – sure, Trump might have just cut his own throat but mainstream liberals who aren’t ready to retry the Hillary Clinton private email server scandal may want to hold off on celebrating for a hot minute:



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In my opinion, the most important thing to remember when you’re trying to accurately assess whether or not Donald Trump is actually prepared to re-open the Clinton email server investigation is that the president is a vengeful, petulant man-child with a lifelong history of falsely smearing his enemies and taking literally anyone who disagrees with him to court. You can argue with me that Hillary Clinton is innocent (nope) until you’re blue in the face but frankly that hasn’t stopped Donny “Tiny Hands” in the past and if he’s going down, everything we know about the man strongly suggests he’ll try to take as many people as possible with him. If you’re seriously relying on decorum and decency from the guy who once tried to sue a pinhead late night talk show host for a joke about his mother fucking an orangutan; well, you clearly haven’t been paying much attention to the news recently.

Besides, let’s be completely fucking real here for a moment; while it probably won’t be enough to save Trump’s presidency, the fact that Clinton absolutely is guilty of both obstruction of justice (by destroying federal records) and gross negligence under the Espionage Act makes this a significantly more attractive play for the swine emperor – that’s part of why leftists kept warning the Democratic Party that nominating a crook wasn’t a very good idea. Do you have any idea how much more information about the Clinton email server investigation Trump has access to now that he’s President; especially with a servile lapdog like Jeff Sessions running the Department of Justice? Are Democrats prepared to see Hillary Clinton, high level campaign staffers and possibly even President Obama be indicted because that will almost certainly be the price of admission to the “taking down Trump” party – I don’t think this is going to stop anytime soon; the closer you get to toppling Trump, the closer you get Herr Donald ordering his Attorney General to re-open the Clinton investigation because at this point, that’s really the only weapon the Trump administration has left.

So what’s a reasonable pinko who’s more than cognizant of the fact that both sides of the US political hierarchy are obscenely corrupt to do; does this mean that the neoliberal lunatics pushing the demonstrably false Russiagate scam win? Frankly, no; whether it’s casually dabbling in felony witness tampering, admitting he fired Comey because of the former FBI director’s investigation as part of the Russia probe or threatening a former employee with secret White House recordings that could be subpoenaed at a later date, all of Trump’s political wounds have been self-inflicted and as I mentioned in my post breaking down the Comey firing – you don’t need to believe a spy novel conspiracy theory to see why the Trump administration is almost certainly in a world of trouble here.

My advice is to relax, grab some popcorn and wait for wealthy DC elites on both sides of the establishment to start feeding each other to the sharks in a desperate attempt to protect careers, preserve legacies and stay the fuck out of jail; unless Trump suddenly goes against everything we know about his character and heads quietly into retirement, the carnage is shaping up to be absolutely glorious.


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