ABT: Gary Cohn & the Mainstream Media Myth of the Adult in the Room

Editor’s note: once again I’ve been up all night researching a story about a generally less well-known member of Trump’s nightmare administration and as such, if you folks don’t mind I’m going to keep this introduction nice and short again here.

Today’s Brief Thought takes a look at an ongoing story I meant to touch on last week when I was interrupted by computer troubles – the mainstream media myth-making that surrounds Trump’s current director of the National Economic Council and prohibitive favorite to assume control of the Federal Reserve; multi-millionaire and former Goldman Sachs investment banker Gary Cohn:



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To paraphrase the late, celebrated comedian George Carlin; whenever both sides of the corrupt American political system start to parrot the same line of bullshit, it’s a pretty good goddamn bet that the powers that be are hiding something from the voting public – and in terms of polishing an odious turd like Gary Cohn, they really aren’t hiding it all that fucking well.

Corporate centrist media under the control of elite capital typically tries to sell the twin myths of Gary Cohn’s bipartisan suitability and his supposed powers of moderation over swine emperor Trump by pointing out that Cohn is a Democrat who strongly supports free trade and publicly disagreed with the president’s decision to withdraw the US from the Paris Climate agreement. Curiously enough, Cohn’s role as one of the key architects of the 2008 financial crisis, the almost 300 million reasons why it’s hard to believe Gary isn’t still working for Goldman Sachs and the fact that Herr Donald largely seems to ignore his supposedly “moderating” advice, rarely comes up.

Although it is indeed insulting to be so transparently lied to by wealthy elite media figures who clearly do not have the bests interests of the common American at heart, I feel that examining the bizare case of marketing Gary Cohn as a moderate champion is nevertheless instructional in two key ways:



The simple truth is that like many Democrats, Gary Cohn can talk a good game but when you get down to brass tacks – he’s not a solution to the problem but an active and willing part of the hyper-capitalist disease that is turning America into a neo-feudalist nightmare straight out of a goddamn Ayn Rand novel; an untenable situation that seems only poised to get worse in the very near future. Anyone (from either side of the US political establishment) who tells you otherwise, is almost certainly being paid to sell you something.


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