Fantastic Lies: How He Falls

Editor’s Note: recently in the act of analyzing American politics for this website, I have found myself the victim of two great and even at times insurmountable obstacles; the never ending stream of utterly batshit crazy news streaming out of the Trump administration on an almost hourly basis and frustrated or confused readers reaching out to me on social media to individually work through the tangled mess of contradictory reporting surrounding the Trump presidency, an ongoing FBI investigation and the objectively false conspiracy theory that is “Russiagate.” This is a highly volatile, emotionally charged time in the history of US political discourse and there are definitely hours or even days where I feel like I’m simply hanging on for dear life in the path of two opposing ideological storms.

In light of these problems, I thought I might quickly take an opportunity to kill two birds with one stone in today’s Brief Thought by examining three current news items you may not have realized heavily support my recent writing about both the Trump-Russia conspiracy theory and what is almost certainly the impeding fall of the American swine emperor:


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Trump Officials: ‘He Looks More and More Like a Complete Moron’

Graham: Russia probe looks like it’s a ‘criminal investigation’

Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner ‘person of interest in Russia investigation’

Russian officials bragged they could use Flynn to influence Trump, sources say

Is Jared Kushner in Too Deep?

Yates: There was ‘certainly a criminal statute that was implicated by’ Flynn’s conduct

A Brief Thought: Despinning Michael Flynn, Again

Fantastic Lies: the Russia Ruse Runs out of Rope


I must confess that I am growing singularly weary of the endless cycle of fanatical mainstream Democrat ravings about “Russiagate” and if I had my druthers, I’d just wrap this article up with the above info-graphic and call it a day. Unfortunately however I anticipate that in the current political/media environment of smears, exaggerations and lies surrounding this scandal, many readers will undoubtedly object to this fairly straightforward argument along one of three major, ideologically-driven lines of reasoning which I will attempt to address below:


1 ) “This is bullshit; you said yourself that Russiagate was cooked up to deflect blame away from Clinton and the Democratic Party so that means Trump is innocent!”

While this argument may sound like a ridiculous straw man to people unfamiliar with the pro-Trump community on social media, I assure you that it is very much the prevailing wisdom inside the “Make America Great Again” online bubble. The problem with this idea is that there are almost an infinite number of obvious reasons to impeach or otherwise remove the swine emperor from office that don’t revolve around the theory that Trump is working for Russian intelligence agencies because of a fictional piss tape; reasons like repeatedly admitting to obstruction of justice on television and thereby destroying his own White House’s carefully crafted alibis and excuses for example.

At this point the president’s biggest problem appears to be Donald Trump’s big fat fucking mouth and not the Democratic Party or Russia – don’t take my word for it, even senior officials in Trump’s own administration are anonymously noting that his inability to stay on script might get him impeached without direct evidence of collusion; just look at this quote from a May 19th Daily Beast story and ask yourself if you honestly think anyone still has to prove Donny “Tiny Hands” is working for Vladimir Putin to get rid of Trump in light of the president’s recent, utterly moronic and wholly irresponsible actions? Frankly, even if one ignores the fact that Trump is at least partially responsible for any criminal or unethical activities by guys like Flynn and Kushner because he knowingly hired them to be part of his government, is it really all that hard to believe a man with Donald Trump’s utterly mind blowing history of professional corruption and massive, ongoing conflict of interest problems might have something to hide from investigators besides supposedly working for Putin?

The bottom line here is that while Russiagate is definitely a partisan conspiracy theory, there is no way in hell anyone with even a scrap of impartiality can suggest that Trump is “innocent” – as in the case of Richard Nixon, it’s not necessarily the crime so much as the clearly expanding coverup that threatens to topple the president and his administration.

2 ) “Sure, but making a reasonable argument that Trump should be impeached or otherwise removed from office doesn’t mean it’s going to happen; the GOP will never go for it.”

This is easily the most believable argument against the idea that Donald Trump’s reign doesn’t have long to last and I suspect it appeals to rational observers on both the left and right because on paper, it’s absolutely correct; a sitting president is for all intents and purposes immune from standard criminal prosecution and as long as the Republican Party maintains control of both the House and the Senate, nobody can actually make them impeach the swine emperor.

Unfortunately for the president and the Republican Party however, politics are not conducted in a vacuum and as I discussed at length in my most recent piece; the political consequences of protecting the Trump presidency for the GOP are already pretty staggering and they’re still piling up at an alarming rate as more information reaches the public. The number of Republicans openly speaking out about the growing clusterfuck Cheeto Mussolini is presiding over here isn’t a very good sign for Trump and neither is news that recently fired FBI Director James Comey is prepared to publicly testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee; although there has been speculation that he might eventually be forced to cancel.

Finally of course, the decision by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to appoint former FBI director Robert Mueller as special counsel in charge of an independent investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia is absolutely fucking catastrophic news for Donald Trump and his administration because it’s clear evidence that he’s lost significant control over his own Justice Department and of course, is now dealing with a probe in to the activities of his campaign that he cannot reasonably impede; although the swine emperor is certainly trying. Furthermore, the biggest elephant in the room that nobody is mentioning because they aren’t interested in calling a former FBI Director’s impartiality into question, is that Robert Mueller is a long time, close personal friend with the FBI Director that Trump just fired; James Comey. I don’t do fantasy bullshit here on this website and if you’re seriously going to tell me that Mueller’s previous relationship with Comey isn’t going to influence his investigation in any way you can close this article and subscribe to a year of Mother Jones immediately.

Please keep in mind that while Donny “Tiny Hands” is essentially immune from prosecution as long as he’s president (but can be prosecuted for crimes if he’s successfully impeached) his administrators, aides and advisors most certainly are not; do you think any of these people are prepared to go to jail to protect the Trump presidency? If this were really “nothing” and the Republican Party was prepared to walk through fire to protect the embattled POTUS do you think Trump’s staffers would be begging him to hire outside council? Do you have any idea what kind of financial pressure this going to put on people in Trump’s administration who aren’t billionaires? Whether you choose to believe anonymous reports that the White House legal staff are boning up on “how impeachment works” or not; isn’t it pretty clear at this point that they probably should be?

Simply put; I can’t predict the future but if the Republican shield around Trump is already starting to show these kinds of massive cracks a mere four months into his presidency – I see no reason whatsoever why anyone would assume that Trump won’t eventually be removed from office; whether by impeachment, the 25th amendment or most likely internal pressure from the GOP to resign.

3 ) “Hello, earth to pinhead – Russiagate is real and you’re a paid Soviet cyber intelligence asset; we’re on to you Nina!”

Look, if I have to watch one more mainstream liberal fanatic triumphantly declare that “Russiagate is real yo” on the basis of evidence that does not even remotely come close to proving that Russia rigged the 2016 election or that Trump was colluding with the Russian government, I might seriously stroke the fuck out; there used to be a time when “respected” public figures were at least smart enough to realize you need more than unhinged conspiracy theories and unflattering coverage of Hillary Clinton on a news network literally nobody fucking watches to accuse a foreign government of an act of war for fuck’s sake.

The so called “center-left” in America has become so utterly lost in a wave of Russophobic hysteria that I sincerely find myself asking if they’re reading the same goddamn reports I am on a daily basis; as I mentioned in the info-graphic at the top of this article is seems pretty clear to me that Russia itself has confirmed that Trump was not working for them in intercepted communications about Mike Flynn for example, but don’t try to explain that to anyone who bought a copy of Time magazine this week. Do Russiagate devotees seriously want me to believe that the United States keeps targeting pro-Putin forces in Syria as some sort of false flag to throw investigators off the trail and that our rapidly deteriorating relationship with Russia is all just an act? How do frothing neo-McCarthyites contend with the fact that decidedly anti-Trump authorities who’ve seen all of the Russiagate evidence keep saying there’s no smoking gun; are people like James Clapper, Michael Morell and Dianne Feinstein all lying to protect Trump and if so, for the love of god why?

Do these people even conceptually understand how Occam’s fucking razor works? Hello, McFly? The man is a completely gormless moron which seems to make it highly unlikely he’s a diabolical mastermind doing all this dumb shit just to throw the likes of Louise fucking Mensch off the trail! How is it possible that millions of supposedly educated Democratic Party supporters can’t rationally fathom that proving Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort are shady, double dealing criminals is still precisely a million bloody miles away from proving that Donald Trump is Vladdy Putin’s Manchurian Candidate – and make no mistake, that is what you have to prove for Russiagate to be “real” because nobody on this website has ever argued that Donald Trump isn’t an unethical, hyper-capitalist goddamn crook who is trying to turn America into a paradise for the 1%, just that he’s definitely not working for Russia.

At this point I am tired of writing the same explanations over and over; readers who are interested in the absolutely stunning totality of evidence disproving the two core accusations that comprise Russiagate are encouraged to actually fucking read all of the stories on my Giant Russia Theory page and perhaps even follow some of the links within them. I would however like to take one last opportunity to point out the single most obvious reason why the core accusations of Russiagate simply cannot be true; a reason so staggeringly transparent that only someone completely insulated from real news or openly engaging in partisan fuckery could possibly have missed it:

“The simple, unarguable truth is that there is no chance whatsoever that Donald Trump is a Russian asset because the US national security apparatus would never allow a foreign power to gain control over the White House no matter what they had to do to prevent it.”

Please, I am literally begging you to set aside all the partisan, xenophobic, McCarthyite bullshit and think this through for just one hot goddamn minute. Thanks to the revelations provided by American hero Edward Snowden and the editors at Wikileaks, we know that the US security state has the ability to target, intercept and monitor every single communication in the country at will and they’re using it. We also know that the US government was investigating the Trump campaign for possible collusion with Russian intelligence at the highest levels during the 2016 campaign and literally months before Donald Trump became President; the FBI knew, the head of the DNI (and thus almost every single intelligence agency in America) knew and then-President of the United States Barack Obama knew everything US intelligence could find out about what we now call Russiagate. Am I seriously supposed to believe that a guy who thought being POTUS would be easier than hosting a reality TV show outwitted the entire US national security apparatus (as well as the Deep State/permanent government) for literally over a year? Because I don’t.

How fucking smooth-brained do you have to be to honestly believe the (then) President of the United States would allow a foreign rival like Russia to threaten US national sovereignty simply as a matter of fucking decorum? Am I seriously supposed to think that Barack Obama was just too much of a goddamn gentleman to stop Vladimir Putin’s willing puppet from seizing control of the executive branch of the United States government? Furthermore, even if I did believe a former constitutional lawyer with a degree from Harvard might be that pathetically weak and shortsighted, why the hell would anyone assume the US intelligence agencies themselves would allow this to happen? We’re talking about organizations that help support assassinating socialist leaders and activists in Latin America to keep the price of Levi’s jeans from rising a dollar for fuck’s sake and you seriously expect me to believe they have a deep, abiding respect for “the rules” and the integrity of the electoral process? The same guys who repeatedly lied about and covered up torture so they could keep torturing Iraqi men and murdering innocent cab drivers with impunity? Do I look fucking new to you?

If Donald Trump were actually colluding with Vladimir Putin and Russian intelligence to undermine the United States, he’d either be at a secret CIA black site blubbering out the names of everyone he’s even seen order Russian dressing or found himself perished in a tragic “helicopter accident” by now and anyone who understands what protecting national security actually fucking means already knows it.

*mic drop*


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