Amerikan Musik: Fascism Ascendant in the USA

“Fascism is capitalism in decay.” – Vladimir Lenin


As most leftists, pinkos and anarchists are no doubt already aware, the simple truth is that the United States has always readily incorporated fascist ideals into the overall gestalt of American nationalism/patriotism; a process that was simply accelerated by integrating key Nazi officers into the already proto-fascist US government to serve as weapons in “the fight against communism”  at the start of the Cold War. This then presents two somewhat related problems when creating a complete archive of the articles I’ve written about the “rise” of American fascism:

Despite the position of pedantic absolutists however, I have always theorized that fascism itself is a multi-stage virus and as such there are degrees or “levels” of fascist totalitarianism based entirely on the current ability of a given fascist government to ignore and or crush political dissent; in the end all fascist regimes are headed towards the same place (total control) but the specific flavor of totalitarianism will often be heavily influenced by how long fascism has had to worm its way past a society’s defenses. At this precise moment in time, I believe the United States is experiencing a rapid shift towards overt fascism, which when combined with the latent white supremacy that remains at the very foundation of a significant percentage of American political discourse, will almost certainly result in a worst case (Nazi Germany and concentration camps) type scenario.

In an effort to avoid unnecessary clutter, I’ve therefore confined the posts on this splash page to primarily those that deal with overt or “late-stage” fascism as exemplified by swine emperor Trump’s government; readers looking for more information on the intrinsically related abuses of the previous administration and the imperialist American war machine are encourage to use the search bar at the top of each page on The articles are sorted semi-chronologically with a primary focus on relevance. Finally readers who are having a hard time understanding why I’m calling the Trump administration fascist because it doesn’t look like a black and white World War II documentary are encouraged to read this important essay by Umberto Eco.


Amerikan Musik Articles & Videos:

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Warning Signs Articles:

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Editor’s Note: this is a living document designed to provide a “home base” full of easily accessible links to all of my writing about the rise of American fascism (Amerikan Musik) and will be updated as I complete more articles on the subject; assuming they don’t drone strike me to death in the meantime at least. Please check back for more updates as the war against fascism in the United States unfolds.


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