A Brief Thought: And the Tide Rolled Back

Editor’s Note: unfortunately I have recently come down with what I can only describe as the mother of all summer head-colds and at this exact point in time, the condition is making writing anything longer than a rant-filled Twitter thread extremely difficult. As usual, my timing is impeccable because I’m currently working on several long, detailed essays that require more than just a passing ability to craft a sentence; including a detailed breakdown of what former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony actually means for the Trump administration as well as a multi-part look at the disturbing ways modern America appears to be embracing fascism. While progress is moving at an excruciatingly slow pace, I am in fact getting somewhere and hopefully in the very near future I’ll be able to publish multiple longer essays all in one cluster.

In the meantime however, I would like to use today’s (very) Brief Thought to take a look at an emotionally powerful subject that has become very dear to my heart; the absolutely glorious ass-kicking Jeremy Corbyn just unleashed on the entire British establishment despite the best efforts of pretty much every elitist prick and media organization in the UK to tear him down:



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UK elites counting on Corbyn to fold made a grievous error

My how the worm has turned; when I last wrote about Jeremy Corbyn it was to lament that he wasn’t “perfect enough to overcome neoliberal sabotage from within his own party to defeat Theresa May in the upcoming UK General election.” As you already know however, something strange happened on the way to Theresa May’s coronation; something that all of the traitors, doomsayers and neoliberal media lackeys worked so hard to prevent that they could scarcely imagine it would still actually occur – Jeremy Corbyn kept campaigning to be Prime Minister and in doing so, exposed the lies the British public had been told about this supposedly weak, confused and ineffectual leader.

Make no mistake about it my friends, Corbyn and the real British left just won the 2017 UK General election and I’m not talking about moral victories; there’s a reason boot-licking, establishment shitheels in the west are already gnashing their teeth about the Labour leader despite the fact that he technically “lost” the election. In one decisive stroke Corbyn has crippled the Tories, decimated the neoliberal New Labour movement and positioned himself to be the next Prime Minister of Britain when Theresa May’s bargain with the literal devil that is the DUP inevitably falls apart. May’s Conservative Party simply cannot form a majority government without the assistance of the reactionary, bigoted Unionists but allying with them exposes May’s hypocrisy on terrorism and threatens to offend moderate Tory MPs; leaving the politically wounded Prime Minister to face down a potential no confidence vote with each and every single legislative actions she takes. In light of the fact that it is Theresa May, not Jeremy Corbyn who has been exposed as a weak, confused and ineffectual leader, I suspect she doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of pulling this off long enough to even complete the Brexit negotiations that gave her the excuse to call a snap election in the first place.

While there will naturally be a tendency for some to focus on the staggering myriad of ways in which Theresa May failed in this election, I think it is far more instructive for leftists in western democracies to examine the methods by which Jeremy Corbyn succeeded. The Labour leader “won” by being everything that callous British elites are not; where the Tories offered fear, austerity and cruelty, Corbyn responded with honesty, courage and compassion. He “won” by offering an inspiring vision for the future of Britain and respecting young voters in a way that the UK establishment would never even consider. Despite centrist rhetoric about leftist personality cults – it was Jezza who excelled at addressing the issues that mattered most to British voters and May who attempted to campaign based on her personality; despite there being no evidence whatsoever that she even has one.

Perhaps in light of this there really wasn’t any thing shocking about Corbyn’s performance in the 2017 UK General Election at all; as noted by renowned political scientist Mark Blyth in his truly brilliant lecture series on “global Trumpism” all evidence suggests that average people would rather vote for something, than against someone – unless that someone is a member of the predatory elite creditor class that is.


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