I Told You So: Trapping the Swine Emperor Edition

Editor’s Note: frankly, I don’t normally do this and I’d like to assure those of you expecting a new article out later today won’t be disappointed; it’s been a crazy week but yes, I finally have something almost ready to publish. While I’m preparing to finish that up however – I’d like to take a moment to share something with all of the people who called me crazy, yelled at me to defend our clearly criminal (and proto-fascist) President and insisted that I must “pick a side” because either Trump was “innocent” or “Russiagate is real.”


Special counsel is investigating Trump for possible obstruction of justice, officials say


Special counsel Mueller also investigating possible ‘money laundering by Trump associates’



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A Few Words for My Critics On Both the Left & Right:



As I mentioned in the editor’s note, I wouldn’t normally write this kind of post; I didn’t after evidence emerged that the Democrats did in fact rig the 2016 Presidential nomination process or when former FBI Director James Comey all but confirmed my analysis that Loretta Lynch had at least attempted to rig the Clinton email investigation for example –  I prefer to let my established body of writing handle the “humble-brags” department of this website because I’m already controversial enough without adding “self-absorbed gloater” to the list.

Over the last nine or so months however, I have endured a tremendous amount of abuse and even borderline disrespect from all sides of the ongoing clusterfuck that is “Russiagate” and the disintegration of the Donald “Tiny Hands” Trump presidency and his nightmare, neo-fuedalist government. When I pointed out that there was no evidence that Russia had actually influenced the outcome of the 2016 President election and that there was no way in hell Trump was a Russian intelligence asset, I was accused of working for Vladimir Putin by the very same mainstream liberals who now concede that both of these things are true.

Of course when I additionally noted that not being a fucking Manchurian candidate didn’t mean that Trump was innocent or in the clear; I was called a neoliberal shill and blocked by numerous members of the “fringe” left on social media for being “closed-minded.” By the time I wrote that Trump’s openly authoritarian behavior, his ego-driven incompetence and long history of corruption made it very clear that the president A) has a lot to fear from an independent investigation into his mercenary administration, his donors as well as his business arrangements and B) was almost certainly going down for the coverup and his shady financial dealings, even if they had nothing to do with Russia – people were openly accusing me of drinking the mainstream liberal Kool Aid despite the fact that each and every single article clearly noted that I still didn’t believe the two core accusations that form “Russiagate” were true!

So it is that today, on this day when the mainstream media is now confirming that Robert Mueller is indeed investigating Trump’s dirty money as well the cover-up we can all openly see Trump is trying to conduct – and with a reminder that a mere week ago Comey confirmed that there’s no evidence Russia actually influenced the election (even if he still firmly believes they tried) or proof that Trump himself was working for Putin; I’d like to say in conclusion “Miley, what’s good?”


  • Nina Illingworth


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