Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Eight – Tom Price

Editor’s Note: After a flurry of activity earlier in the week, incoming swine emperor Donald Trump took a day off from nominating nightmare bigots, fundamentalists and elite, libertarian fuedalists to his cabinet and instead sent the international community into a tizzy by maybe, sorta, not-quite-accidentally recognizing Taiwan in an unofficial capacity that was guaranteed to piss of key US trading partner China; whether this was by accident or simply a matter of ongoing policy, is a subject currently open to much debate. In the meantime, this pause allows us an opportunity to catch-up on our quest to examine each of the (thus far) demonstrably fucking horrifying selections Trump makes for his cabinet – a group of rejects, neanderthals and crackpots I like to call “The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.”

Next up in our grotesque gallery of greedy, god-awful gangsters and geezers is Donald Trump’s new pick for Secretary of Health and Human Services; long time Tea Party failson and festering embarrassment to both the states of Georgia and Michigan, Tom Price.

Price, an orthopedic surgeon by trade, is yet another fringe American Tea Party renegade who’s career might well be winding down right now if Jeb Bush had won the GOP nomination but has instead been granted new life by the rise of a nutjob, billionaire President who seems objectively hellbent on transforming the United States into a dystopian, privatized nightmare:





Sanders blasts Trump’s HHS pick: ‘What hypocrisy!’

The High Cost of Tom Price’s Radical Agenda

With Extremist Tom Price at Helm, the ‘War on Women Has Reached HHS’

Trump Health Czar Tom Price Is a Nightmare for Women

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6 Things to know about Tom Price

Trump Nominates Antigay, Antichoice Rep. Tom Price as HHS Secretary

Tom Price worried about the “fiscal impact” of gay rights legislation

Trump’s Choice of Price as HHS Sec Couldn’t Be Worse for LGBT Ppl or Women

Trump’s New Cabinet Pick Is Horrible News for Obamacare and Medicare

By picking Price, Trump shows he’s serious about dismantling Obamacare

Obamacare’s would-be destroyer

Trump’s Health Czar Tom Price is a One-Man Death Panel for Obamacare

Trump Shows Commitment to Destroying Obamacare by Picking Tom Price for HHS

Tom Price’s membership in the medical fringe

The new Secretary of HHS is a member of a fringe medical org. Here’s what that means.

Tom Price’s Ties To The Medical Fringe


Now, at this point you might be thinking that an unhinged foot doctor who thinks birth control grows on trees and that refusing to hire gay people is a question of “religious liberty” would be a very bad choice to head up key aspects of the American health system and you would of course be completely fucking correct – without question, Tom Price as Secretary of Health and Human Services represents an absolute nightmare scenario for women, gay people and the poor; which last I checked is significantly more than half the fucking population of the country.

This is of course besides the point that Price also represents the worst fears for public health advocates as a whole; while virtually all Republicans in Congress are dead set on repealing Obamacare, Price is closely aligned with GOP Speaker of the House Paul Ryan on the subject of privatizing Medicare as well – which would instantly make vital, at times even life-saving medicines unavailable for millions of Americans without the financial means to pay exorbitant drug company prices.

Note: Please be reminded that if you’re having trouble reading this Info Meme, you can simply right click on the picture and select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. Additionally, please feel free (and in fact, encouraged) to post this meme anywhere you like. Additionally, please remember that you can provide sources to both interested observers and idiots who don’t realize they just voted to revoke Grandma’s medicine coverage, simply by linking them back to this post – which in turn will help me grow my audience and collect enough donations to pay my rent; so it’s win/win for everyone involved!

Recently, I have struggled to find a term to properly define the malevolent mixture of corruption, bigotry and general disdain for the common man coalescing together in Trump’s cabinet; it’s not quite fascism (although there are certainly similarities) and it’s more than just radical-libertarianism – as Cheeto Jesus stocks his government with openly greedy individuals who have dangerous ideas about the value of a human life, I have begun to fear we may be heading into a new era of global, neo-feudalism even faster than I had previously assumed.

Stay strong, fight feudalist fuckwits and Swing Heil baby.


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