A Brief Thought: A Very White House

Editor’s Note: well, wouldn’t you know it? Not more than 24 hours after I expressed my general distaste for weaponizing false claims of racism to defend the goddamn financial industry, Donny “Tiny-Hands” Trump decided to share a little revisionist history about racist shitheel president Andrew Jackson in a moment that could only have been more predictable if Trump told interviewer Salena Zito to “hold my beer” before he started.

While I’m quite certain that you could fill an entire bloody library with the things the president doesn’t know about American history, today’s Brief Thought explores a far more terrifying question – “what if Donald Trump knew exactly what he was implying with his gushing praise of Andrew Jackson?”



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There will of course be fanatical Trump supporters who lose their shit after reading this article and wish to dispute the factual analysis in the above info-graphic; likely by denying that Trump is a racist, distorting history around the causes for the Civil War and/or selectively quoting from Andrew Jackson’s presidential record to support the swine emperor’s claim. These people are either misinformed or arguing in bad faith; a term scientifically known as “wrong” when last I checked:



With these objectively proven facts in mind, it then behooves us to ask precisely what it is that our buffoonish swine emperor is saying here? He certainly can’t be suggesting that Jackson would have abolished slavery without bloodshed and by sheer force of personality; it’s not like Lincoln was a coward who refused to fight – why would threats it seems highly-unlikely Jackson would want to issue be a more effective deterrent that honest Abe’s Union Army?

In my opinion, this leaves only two possible answers; neither of which are particularly comforting. The first and most obvious answer is that Donald Trump is a thundering fucking moron who is completely ignorant of US history and was just babbling about shit he’d read on the internet to impress a friendly journalist. While I personally suspect this answer might be a little too simplistic, I honestly cannot entirely rule it out because so much of what Trump does is clearly based on his random, momentary whims.

The second, far more terrifying answer is that the swine emperor knows exactly what he’s saying; that he’s arguing that there would have been no Civil War under Jackson because Old Hickory would never have signed the Emancipation Proclamation and indeed would have continued to actively persecute the Abolitionist Movement – it would never have gotten that far because Andrew Jackson would have “worked it out” by simply keeping slavery! Whether Trump also subscribes to the highly-dubious belief that the South would have soon ended slavery on it’s own without the war is largely irrelevant here; if he understands the historical context of what he’s saying, then the President just implied that keeping slavery (even to maintain peace) would have been a better idea than emancipating the slaves and that is fucking horrifying.

So which answer is a reasonable observer to believe after a year-long campaign of horrifying bigotry, the construction of an objectively racist government and “mistake” after “mistake” that strongly implies the white house is full of dangerous goddamn hatemongers?

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