Info Meme of the Week: Brotherhood of Evil Mutants Pt Sixteen – Scott Pruitt

Editor’s Note: as a result of movie night with the boyfriend and unexpected morning appointment, I have suddenly found myself well behind my tentative writing schedule for today and as a result I probably don’t have time to break down the dangers of recent US saber rattling against North Korea as I’d originally planned. Fortunately however I’ve been quietly working on a post that marks the return of a fan-favorite feature here on – memeing Donald Trump’s nightmare anti-government; a group I like to call the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants.

Since becoming President, Trump has consistently appointed cabinet ministers who objectively seem better suited to dismantling the departments they’ve been put in charge of than actually running them; resulting in a openly dysfunctional neo-feudalist, fundiefascist government that in many ways is far more horrifying than the swine emperor himself. Nowhere in the Trump administration is this practice more brazenly insulting or potentially ruinous than in the appointment of our next villainous pinhead to run the Environmental Protection Agency; meet climate science skeptic & big energy lapdog Scott Pruitt – a man who might sincerely help kill us all if it’ll let the Koch Brothers make an extra billion dollars or two:



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Unfortunately, after eight years of empty words and broken promises from an Obama administration whose environmental record looks like a sick joke in retrospect, I’ve often found it difficult to explain to people who aren’t already plugged into environmental issues what a massive clusterfuck appointing a guy like Scott Pruitt to run the EPA is.

We’re talking about a man whose now-public emails reveal was actively working full-time for a small circle of fossil fuel industry firms in a covert war against federal regulations; an improper relationship that goes far beyond the one that caused people to sardonically refer to fellow Evil Mutant Mike Pompeo as “the congressman from Koch.” While the Obama government can be criticized for only offering lip service about the need to reduce carbon emissions, Pruitt actively denies proven scientific links between rising carbon dioxide levels and rising global temperatures. From selling out to poultry polluters dumping chickenshit in the Illinois River to repeatedly telling Senators to file FOIA requests in lieu of answering questions during a confirmation hearing that (at times) bordered on open perjury – Pruitt has universally held the interests of the people in contempt while siding with polluters who’ve filled his election fund coffers.

In other words, we’re talking about the difference between failing to set the burglar alarm on your shop and hiring a goddamn goon to break into your own store and rob the place so you can collect the insurance money; Pruitt is every bit as dangerous as greasy ghoul mutherfuckers like Mnuchin, Price and Sessions – you don’t have to take my word for it; just look at what he’s already helped the Trump administration “accomplish” in a hair over three months.


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