Come on, Eileen! – More Adventures in Faux-Left Twitter


“I’m tired of people not treating me like the gift that I am.” – Sheila Jeffreys, probably.

Well friends, here we are again – just you, me and a deranged, fanatical Clinton supporter online makes three. Yes comrades, we are taking another horrifying trip through privileged, narcissistic, neoliberal Twitter to find the very wokest takes from aging, wealthy white women who think being a lesbian automatically makes all their crooked bullshit “straight.”

Tonight’s terrifying specimen of specious sophistry is a one Eileen De Freest, who is a dual-citizen, American-Irish technical writer who is neither particularly important, or staggeringly influential in any reasonable sense of either word. No, she’s just another mendacious, neoliberal fundamentalist who believes that clicking off the easiest goddamn box on the American minority checklist provides her with free reign to spout outrageous lies, smear socialists online and compare people who oppose her corrupt, morally bankrupt politics to: gang rapists.

No folks, I couldn’t make this up if I tried – Eileen feels that Sanders refusal to drop out of the race and his supporters preparing to legally and peacefully protest is “like the gang rape of the Democrats” and that any criticism of this clearly malicious and completely scurrilous statement, no matter how reasonably worded; is literally an “assault” on her personage.  I could of course go on at length about what a godawful, self-absorbed and borderline sociopath piece of shit Ms De Freest really is – but at this point, it’s probably just best to let the bloviating old gasbag tell you herself:


EDF Sheet 2


Now, setting aside the fact that Cruella De Imbecile here is clearly loaded enough to jet-set between London, New York and LA and that it is absolutely fucking ridiculous for a noxious, Caucasian harpy of privilege like her to be telling literally fucking anyone to “get woke” – there are still a goddamn mind-destroying number of utterly putrid things going on in this absurdist nightmare series of screenshots:


  • First and foremost, the original statement that first made me notice Eileen is nothing less than appropriating the language of accusation and stealing power from victims of sexual assault. There is no such thing as a harmless rape analogy because we continue to live in a society that ignores sexual violence and often refuses to believe victims of assault; even when they do come forward to accuse their tormentors. Furthermore, at her age, likely education and supposed levels of “woke-ness” she knows all of this full goddamn well; which leaves the obvious conclusion that she simply doesn’t give a fuck how many victims of sexual assault she hurts so long as she can get in a really good burn against Bernie Sanders supporters.
  • This statement was of course, said as part of her larger narrative that Sanders supporters planning to and in fact learning how to protest legally at the Democratic National Convention represent “terrorist” thugs who are simply trying to steal this historic victory away from terrified Clinton supporters; though the use of actual violence. The supposed truthfulness of this position is in turn supported by the fact that only men/BernieBros are complaining about her obscene, fascist comparisons; a “fact” which is itself literally a bald-face goddamn lie as I myself witnessed at least half a dozen, prominent socialists accounts run by women calling her out for her blistering stupidity and mind-blowing fucking dishonesty.
  • Do take a moment to note Elieen’s hypocrisy and creative use of gaslighting as she spends countless tweets questioning the sanity of anyone who doesn’t support her odious candidate and repeatedly accuses Sanders supporters of believing in conspiracy theories about the very real FBI investigation Clinton is undergoing – before immediately turning around and ominously asking who is financing Sanders “Assault On Democracy” movement. Again kids, I really couldn’t make this shit up if I tried.
  • Otherwise, Ms De Freest’s feed consist entirely of casual ableism, excessive Retweeting of other soulless neoliberal shitbags engaging in casual ableism and repeatedly chanting the words “white privilege” like some sort of primitive, magic spell designed to ward off all reasoned criticism of her demonstrably vile batshittery. Have I mentioned that this entire wall of disingenuous, deplorable drek represents merely a single day’s worth of output from rich, ignorant and shameless over here? I have now! I guess things must not be working out so well for Eileen in the world of contract technical writing at the moment because she clearly has a lot of fucking time to pluck out insane, utterly fraudulent diatribes about people who oppose Hillary Clinton on Twitter.


Of course, I know what you’re thinking – you’re thinking “okay Nina, she’s crazy but it was just a shitty, thoughtless analogy that she decided to double and triple down on” and while that in and of itself would still be a pretty disgusting achievement; it simply isn’t true. As I mentioned above, Elieen knew full goddamn well what she was doing when she compared Sanders and his supporters to gang rapists and I happily have the evidence to prove it to you:


Edf 2


What can I say folks? Sometimes you have to call a narcissistic, dishonest, shitheel piece of human gutter trash exactly what she is – which is apparently, Eileen De Freest. At this point, the horrid lack of humanity Eileen and those of her particular political persuasion display on a regular basis online doesn’t even shock me anymore; we’re talking about a grown woman, quite possibly in her mid-60’s who feels completely comfortable calling anyone who disagrees with her morally bankrupt worldview basically a rapist. Furthermore, like many other wealthy, white and utterly commercial feminists online, she is absolutely certain that her status as a gay woman entitles her to disregard all criticism of even her most toxic positions as bigotry, harassment and violence – even by other LGBT women! Apparently, it also makes her a hip, socially-conscious African American activist when it’s time to tell someone calling out her objectively disgusting behavior to “get woke.”

Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for her) Eileen De Freest comes up notably short of our strenuous Wall of Shame requirements here on; primarily because she’s a drooling nobody who doesn’t even work at some bullshit, make work Foundation/SuperPac employment project, like say Peter Daou. What she is however, is a stunningly perfect example of the kind of sociopath, rich prick Clinton supporter who floats around online, monstrously smearing young socialists – and then cries “help, misogynistic abuse” at the top of her lungs whenever her dishonest, insane ravings are actually noticed by the people she spends most of her waking life slandering without the slightest hint of remorse. I dunno about you folks, but I’m starting to get the distinct impression that there’s a direct correlation between narcissistic cruelty, abusive manipulation of identity politics and voting for a blood-soaked, Imperialist candidate who lies about everything – including her commitment to intersectional feminism and the LGBT community.

So, this is adieu Eilieen; your fifteen minutes of fame on this website are over and in the final reckoning, your morally decrepit, wrinkled ass only merited four bars and a chorus. I’d wish you ill, but frankly I have a feeling the precise moment Clinton has to step down because she’s guilty of all manner of criminal activities, bribery and charity fraud is already going to put you through a horrifying, existential crisis that forces you to finally acknowledge the cheapened shittyness of your own soul anyway.

Until then, just know that history is passing you by every single moment of every single day, dinosaur; nobody weeps over the Queen of Mean’s trials and tribulations sweetheart.


  • Nina Illingworth


Editor’s Note: despite my general aversion to editing any of the tweets presented in these takedown articles, the post near the top of the large collage where De Freest claims to have been a victim of “assault” by Bernie Bros was recreated using two, separate images. Unless she’s deleted it, you can clearly see that her claim of violence was a quote-tweet response to Lindsey J Becker’s objectively non-violent statement – but for whatever reason it was grayed out by Twitter when I took the screenshot and De Freest has since blocked me; a little too late for her unfortunately. In order to deal with this, I simply took the original Becker tweet, shrunk it down to fit inside the grayed out box on Eileen’s tweet and recreated the original effect. There is literally no intent to deceive involved here; I just used a better image to faithfully recreate the original interaction so you could all see how completely full of shit this woman is.


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