A Brief Thought: Running to Stand Still & the Democratic Party

Editor’s note: as misfortune would have it I’m feeling a little under the weather today and fighting through significant computer troubles at the moment so please excuse me in advance if today’s Brief Thought is perhaps a little shorter than normal and as such is really more like a beefed-up Info Meme of the Week. I *am* still also working on a post soliciting paid articles as part of an effort to get more content here on ninaillingworth.com but as you might well understand, I’m taking extra precaution with the legalities necessary to purchase and publish freelance work – so I’m likely still a few days away from finishing it up.

Today I’d like to switch up tracks and take a look at the ongoing clusterfuck that is the Democratic Party and why I sincerely doubt they’re going to win the 2020 Presidential election at this point in time; despite everything Trump has done to create a perfect environment for a “wave election” four years from now



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As I mentioned in the editor’s note above, I really don’t want to waste a lot of time reciting the stunning myriad of ways Democrats have demonstrated that they have learned absolutely nothing from losing an easily winnable election to a monster they themselves created because it’s completely goddamn exhausting; when even Mike fucking Moore and Democrat “Megadonors” can see what a terrible idea this is, I don’t think it’s really even worth debating anymore. Readers who are interested in the full scope of the Dem Party’s post-election failures are encouraged to read the articles in the “previously on ninaillingworth.com” section above and follow the links in the “sources” sections of those articles to find literally hours worth of additional reading on the subject matter.

Before I sign off however, I would just like to point out that hobnobbing with billionaires isn’t the only reason the behavior of the Democratic Party should worry those of us who’re already sick of Herr Donald’s objectively fucking horrible Presidency; the fact that hopelessly flawed candidates like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris are being floated at all is a complete mind-fuck in it’s own right. Warren is a paper tiger whose previously warm embrace of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 Democratic nomination process makes her toxic on the actual left; and she’s a former moderate Republican to boot. Harris on the other hand is a staggeringly corrupt politician with both ties to the Trump administration and a sketchy past that sleazy Republican operatives will gleefully exploit in an election.

In other words, the mere presence of candidates like Warren and Harris (as well as say, Cory Booker) on the Democratic 2020 roster not only proves that the party has learned very little from the 2016 election but there’s a pretty good chance neither fucking one of them would be favored against whatever nightmare revanchist monstrosity the GOP coughs up once Trump goes down in flames.


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