A Brief Thought: Identifying Evidence of the American Hateocracy

Editor’s Note: I’m honestly not trying to make a habit of skipping the personal introductions and updates on these posts but once again time constraints seem to be forcing my hand – I had originally intended to post this article in the early morning hours like normal but unfortunately staying up all night to research yesterday’s post managed to throw my entire sleep schedule off and as a result I’m running several hours behind schedule this Saturday Morning.

Today’s Brief Thought moves away from the swirling maelstrom of bullshit (on both sides) that has become known as “Russiagate” and takes a look the elephant in the room that a surprisingly large percentage of the US political establishment seems determined to avoid – the growing mountain of evidence that the Trump administration isn’t just harnessing discrimination and bigotry to win votes but rather because the swine emperor’s government is also fundamentally motivated by hate:



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A Brief Thought: A Very White House


Before anyone tries to bite my head off, I want to make it abundantly clear that I’m aware Donald Trump & his nightmare cabinet didn’t invent embracing bigotry and discrimination as a political strategy in America; from Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” to the Clinton’s “Superpredators” – weaponizing bigotry and marginalizing “the other” has remained a consistent feature of modern American politics long after Johnson’s 1964 Civil Rights Act sought to eliminate racism as an official policy.

The difference here however is that after six months of repressive policies justified by bigoted rhetoric, turning a blind eye to favored hate mongers and “mistake” after “mistake” that always seems to delight spectacularly shitty human beings like David Duke and Richard Spencer; I no longer believe that embracing hatred is merely a “political strategy” for the Trump administration but rather it is an open (and possibly involuntary) expression of their own collectively bigoted and undeniably twisted world philosophy.

I am of course aware that in this day and age of weaponized, neoliberal identity politics that comment will likely be dismissed as hyperbole by sycophants and those with a vested interest in protecting the swine emperor, but at this point I think it’s important to examine the evidence:



Please do not place yourself under the delusion that this list is by any means exhaustive, I’m sure there are several hundred other examples of Trumpworld’s open and clearly quite sincere bigotry that I’ve simply forgotten. The point is, there is now more than enough evidence to suggest that the Trump administration isn’t simply using hate to generate political power; these crazy mutherfuckers sincerely wish they could take the country back to a pre-Civil Rights era state of male-dominated white supremacy.

There is no politically sound reason to appoint a bunch of Islamophobic whackjobs who believe “we are at the outset of a titanic clash between Judaeo-Christian and Islamic civilizations” unless you also believe it. There is no politically sound reason for the Attorney General of the United States to give a “secret” speech for an anti-LGBT hate group unless he’s trying to signal support for their ideas. Finally there is simply no politically sound reason to invite rape apologists and anti-feminist agitators to a serious discussion about guidelines to ensure sexual assault reports on college campuses are properly handled; I’m at a loss to understand what the fuck DeVos was trying to accomplish here except possibly trolling rape victims – no, really.

Clearly, the American Taliban is back in business and it’s time everyone stopped ignoring the hate-loving elephant taking a massive shit on the rug.


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