Everyone Is Wrong But Me Episode 5: Punching Left & Empowering Fascism

Editor’s note: unfortunately due to my ongoing war with summer weed allergies I’m going to be forced to keep this intro short and sweet. I’m hot, I’m tired and like most virulently anti-fascist Americans, I have spent the past week watching in abject horror as even clear evidence that the President is a fucking nazi has done nothing to stop centrists (both neoliberal and moderate conservative) from attacking leftists and anti-fascists whatsoever. It gives me little joy to say that I have repeatedly warned anyone who would listen that swine emperor Trump was a fascist and he wasn’t the only one in the White House by any stretch – yet, here we are and part of me feels like there are no more words left to write.

In the past when I’ve been too frustrated with “the way things are” to write about it, I’ve enlisted the help of an anonymous belligerent cat to make far too earnest Youtube videos that I’ve shared in the past here on this website. Naturally, if anyone were to ask I wouldn’t be able to tell them the real identity of the mysterious little cat I record videos with; just that she comes and goes like the wind and always leaves behind a few pears of wisdom in her wake. In today’s video, the EIWBM cat tackles the objectively fucking mind-numbing mainstream reaction to a nazi riot in Charlottesville that claimed the life of socialist activist Heather Heyer and reminds us that fascism has willing enablers in seemingly unlikely places.

Please note: I’ve included two copies of the same video bellow because of Youtube’s recent lukewarm response to videos of a “political” nature; neither video is monetized so I don’t anticipate it being a problem but in the event Youtube does take my video down, there’s a slightly lower quality version posted on Daily Motion right beneath it. Finally, underneath the pair of videos you’ll find the script for EIWBM Episode 5 and some selected panels/memes from the video you might find useful to share on social media – please be reminded that if you’re having trouble reading one of the memes, you can just left click on it and select “view image” to pop out a larger version.



EIWBM Episode 5 Punching Left and Empowering… by EIWBM


Episode 5 Script

Hello everyone and welcome back to Everyone is Wrong But Me – Episode 5: Punching Left and Empowering Fascism.

It’s been a while since we’ve talked but in light of the recent murder of socialist activist Heather Heyer by an American ethno-nationalist and the myopic, objectively fucking offensive reaction of the entire American political establishment to a goddamn Nazi riot in Charlottesville, North Carolina – I am just about at my wit’s fucking end with the *entire* fascist enabling creditor class in the United States.

Before we get started, let me state emphatically that I’m not going to be creating room for fascism to operate by debating whether or not the reactionary shitheels in Charlottesville are quote/unquote “real” Nazis because pretending fascism died at the end of World War Two is in and of itself, post-Reich nazi propaganda. Nor will I be propagating the equally fascist enabling term “the Alt Right” here in this video; I have no interest in playing the crypto-fascist jargon game and as an informed political observer I already know that the difference between ideologies like ethno-nationalism, nativism and whatever unhinged fucking nonsense neo-Confederates believe, is so miniscule as to be completely goddamn irrelevant to anyone who isn’t already a shithead fucking nazi.

All you need to know for the purposes of this discussion is the truth; a large group of American fascists from all around the country descended on a racist Confederate war monument and violently assaulted left wing counter-protestors before one ethno-nationalist shitbag literally slammed his fucking car into a crowd of over twenty people protesting their bigot reactionary bullshit. In the end, it was this final hate-fuelled act of political violence committed by an actual fucking neo-nazi that resulted in the murder of Heather Heyer. Anyone who attempts to minimize that or present the events that occurred in Charlottesville in terms of “both sides” is literally providing political protection for American Nazis.

This of course brings me to the main point of this entire video. In the days after the nazi riot, American swine emperor Donald Trump made two contradictory statements about the violence in Charlottesville before finally settling on  protecting violent ethno-nationalists by suggesting that left wing counter-protestors had attacked the fascists, were equally responsible for the violence and represented a problem for America that must be dealt with. He also felt the need to state that there were “some very fine people on both sides” and most pointedly he repeatedly used the objectively nonsensical propaganda term “Alt-Left” in an open effort to conflate left wing counter protestors who were fighting fucking Nazis, with the violent goddamn fascists they were trying to stop – keep that term handy my friends, because we *will* come back to it in a few moments. Naturally, putrid right wing reactionary pseudo-celebrities like murderous Milwaukee County Sherriff David Clarke Jr and noted mendacious media moron Bill O’Reilly quickly jumped up to agree with our proto-fascist President and help pump out the narrative that pinko protestors are just as terrible for America as nazi murderers – a talking point students of German history should find all too horrifyingly recognizable for comfort.

There was however a very familiar problem with everything Donny Tiny Hands said; namely that none of it was true. It was the Nazis who attacked socialist protestors and brought open violence to the streets of Charlottesville. It was a pack of violent fascists who savagely beat 20 year old DeAndre Harris with metal poles in a parking garage while the media stood by filming. Finally of course, it was a murderous ethno-nationalist who plowed his car into a group of leftist counter-protestors, injuring 19 and killing Heather Heyer in an act that can only be described fairly as domestic nazi terrorism.

Unsurprisingly, the President’s decision to literally fucking protect a growing horde of increasingly violent reactionaries with the cameras rolling, while simultaneously attacking the only people in the entire goddamn country fighting the fascists went over fabulously with shitheel neo-nazis, ethno-nationalists and neo-Confederates throughout the United States and if that alone doesn’t scare the flying fuck out of you, then you’re definitely part of the goddamn problem here.

So how the hell did we get here exactly; besides actually electing a goddamn fascist as President of the United States that is? Although the rise of American fascism from a near infinite number of splintered hate groups to a cohesive, organized force in US politics is a decades-long story that is well beyond the scope of this video; even the most jaded anti-fascist has to recognize that when the President of the United States is openly lying to millions of people to protect highly organized fucking Nazis, we’ve crossed some kind of Rubicon here. I can tell you that it had nothing to do with the element of surprise; while mainstream liberals in “The Resistance” were taking selfies with imperialist war criminals, literally thousands of leftist writers, organizers and activists publically identified and attacked the President, his government and the Alt-Right for what they are – fucking Nazis. Hell, as you’ve already seen in this video there were plenty of ominous, mainstream warnings about the swine emperor’s connection to white nationalism and the dangers of electing an authoritarian dipshit like Trump.

So, if everyone knew that Trump was a fascist, just what pray-tell were neoliberal thought leaders attached to the Democratic Party and the Resistance doing with their spare time?  That’s right ladies and gentlemen, repeatedly drawing a moral equivalency between the American left and the same neo-nazi shitheads who just attacked pinko activists last weekend in Charlottesville, North Carolina; first to smear democratic socialist Bernie Sanders during the Dem Party nomination process and then to marginalize anyone who criticized Hillary Clinton and or the elite centrist wing of the Democratic party for purposely helping a reality-TV clownshow fascist win the Republican nomination before allowing him to take the Presidency through sheer incompetence and greed.

All of which of course brings us back to the term “Alt-Left” – a completely nonsensical phrase coined by right wing media morons as a slur towards liberals which was then adopted and overwhelmingly popularized to conflate left wing activists with reactionary ethno-nationalists by the same mainstream neoliberal pundits who openly acknowledged that Trump was a goddamn fascist!

If you’re asking yourself what kind of moral degenerate would (for political purposes) tell millions of people that the very people standing in the way of burgeoning American fascism are no better than murderous white nationalists and racist neo-Confederate scumbags; please note that the answer appears to be elite Democrat pundits, our objectively fascist President and shitheel Nazi apologists in the so called “right wing” media.

Even now, in the wake of a fatal nazi terrorist attack and swine emperor Trump’s attempts to use left wing activists as an excuse to frog-march the entire country into a fascist fucking nightmare, there are still numerous supposedly liberal (or at least Resistance) pundits still gleefully smearing left wing activists on the ground and openly empowering fascism for their own twisted political purposes; for which they are typically showered with applause by neoliberal collaborators in the corporate American media.  In my personal opinion, it really does take a special kind of sociopathic mutherfucker to show absolutely no remorse in response to the murder of a young woman you spent nine months telling the world was an Alt-Left Bernie Bro who is no better than a fucking nazi; a murder committed by violent fascists now emboldened and protected by those same lies no less.

What does it say about elite liberalism in America when drawing comparisons between left wing activists and neo-nazis is a bridge too far for shitheel Republicans but leaders of the so-called “Resistance” have no such qualms? Shouldn’t these people be resigning from political life in shame? Doesn’t every single person who used the term “alt-left” to draw false equivalencies between left wing activists and violent fascists in America have Heather Heyer’s blood on their hands? Aren’t they also at least in some way responsible for every new act of neo-nazi terrorism committed from this point forward?

Of course there are people loosely affiliated with American liberalism in the US political sphere who understand the gravity of the situation and are mounting a vigorous (and principled) resistance to rising fascist forces in the US; they just aren’t members of the elite ruling class, the Clinton Wing of the Democratic Party or the so-called Resistance. The simple truth is that rich, primarily white liberals and “moderate” conservatives don’t actually give a fuck about resisting fascism because it won’t be their ass on the line when reactionary right wing terrorists strike; once again it falls on leftists and the marginalized to clean up the mess rich centrists have made or risk the horrifying, potentially fatal consequences of failing to stop the ethno-nationalist tide.

Frankly the unhinged myopic greed and utter moral bankruptcy of elite center left liberals in America is hardly a new development in US politics and this subject has been examined at length by some of the greatest left wing thinkers in our collective history. After decades of incorporating fascist ideology into the American zeitgeist on behalf of the wealthy and powerful however, I fear that our centrist aristocracy and their sycophant minions in the corporate media have gambled with the lives of millions of marginalized Americans once too often and awakened the dragon by employing diluted fascist propaganda to suppress the left. The great putrid serpent of American fascism has risen in the open again and with the active support of a US President fueling the way, it may well be too late to avoid the brewing “culture war” right wing reactionaries seem dead set on igniting. This isn’t about Confederate statues, rigged primaries or absurd cold war style conspiracy theories anymore; this is a battle for the very survival of potentially millions of innocent people – your neighbors, your friends and eventually, even your own flesh and blood.

Don’t wait for instructions from elite centrists busy telling outrageous lies to support the establishment even in the aftermath of a murderous nazi riot; fight fascism whenever you’re sure you’ve found it and by whatever means you are capable of without causing yourself undue harm. Don’t allow the very same fascist enablers who have brought us to the brink of ruin shame you into silence and most importantly of all, don’t give up; one way or another – the future is left.


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