The Pig Empire Prepares For War

Editor’s note: unfortunately this article is coming to you a couple of days later than I’d intended because of a freak home repair accident I couldn’t have made up if I tried. At this point I’m fine, but between needing a day to take medical precautions against a concussion and having to spend an extra day reworking this essay to avoid similarities to already-published work, I missed my self-imposed Friday deadline.

In today’s essay we return to a topic that keeps me wide awake at night in mortal terror; more ominous signs that the US and allied pig empire is about to enter another forever war:


“The world has achieved brilliance without wisdom, power without conscience. Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war that we know about peace, more about killing that we know about living”  – Omar Bradley
The hardest part about living through mind-fuckingly terrible moments of consequential history is grasping a handle on the scraps of truth that matter most; especially amid the hazy brushfires of a pig empire on the verge of an astronomically stupid and potentially catastrophic war.

This is the witching hour for maggot NatSec ghouls, twisted think tank minions and bloodthirsty media propagandists on your idiot box; those “respected” experts, analysts and war hawks who dig graves for other people’s children from behind the safety of a desk. As the Cold War spy novel conspiracy theory that was “Russiagate” crystallizes into a very real global conflict with Russia and its allies, the western imperial war machine has seized on the chaos and confusion to ratchet up the xenophobic panic level to suffocating proportions. Everything old and Cold is new again; in the chaos and carnage of a massive paradigm shift towards open war, you can say damn near fucking anything about Russia on the nightly news because the poor stunned schmucks watching at home are primed to believe you.

Make no mistake about it my friends; with news that four of the five most influential western imperial allies in NATO have all deemed Russia responsible for what amounts to a fucking chemical weapons attack on British soil, the defining conflict of our lives officially started this week. The New Cold War isn’t a theoretical possibility or rhetorical tool to describe US-backed warmongering towards Russian allies in the Middle East anymore. This is no longer about tiny proxy conflicts like the one America has been fighting against Russia in Ukraine for years; long before fascist swine emperor Trump oozed his way into the White House. With a reactionary Tory government drowning in Russian donations dragging its pliant European allies into an ill-conceived conflict with the Kremlin that most NATO partners have conveniently already paid for, only a willfully blind jackass can deny that the pig empire is openly preparing for a real-as-fuck war – probably against Russian-allied Iran if not Russia itself.

Speaking of pigs, across the pond in Amerikkka there are yet more ominous signs that swine emperor Trump is also preparing to unleash a war his blood-soaked coterie of neocons, Islamophobic bigots and warmongering generals have spent the past year laying the groundwork for. In a move that undoubtedly reverberated across the entire Middle East, Herr Donald fired embattled Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and announced his long-rumored intention to replace him with murderous meathead morlock and recent CIA Director Mike Pompeo. While mercenary click junkies in the American media quickly rushed to tie the story into the unhinged Russiagate conspiracy narrative, the Trump administration’s very public accusation in the UN that Russia was responsible for the Salisbury nerve agent attack shot that brilliant theory down faster than an Israeli jet violating Syrian airspace illegally.

The horrifying goddamned truth is that longtime Koch puppet Iron Mikey’s bloodthirsty bigotry makes him the ideal wartime consigliere to shepherd America into an invasion of Iran and, by virtue of Tehran’s alliance with Moscow, a likely military conflict with Russia. Of course it goes without saying that such a war, almost certainly fought at the same time as the US continues to illegally occupy portions of Russian-allied Syria, would be a humanitarian clusterfuck of gigantic proportions on par with the bloody carnival of chaos and death casually unleashed by American “forever war” occupations in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Yemen. While that clearly doesn’t mean much to western bomb merchants and imperial death peddlers, the fact that fighting Syria, Iran and Russia across at least two hostile countries will undoubtedly send thousands of US coalition baby-killers home in fucking body bags, probably won’t play well on America cable news. Even a “victory” for Uncle Scam and his puppets would involve turning Iran into an all too familiar charnel house and require an extended, ruthlessly brutal occupation of the Islamic Republic to prevent the carnage from spreading across the entire Middle East.

Unsurprisingly however, ruthlessly brutal doesn’t seem to be much of a problem for a rapist assclown reactionary President who wanted to bring back waterboarding and confidently floated the idea of murdering the families of “terrorists” on the campaign trail; at least if his Orwellian pick to replace Pompeo as the head of the CIA is any indication. Despite her “Kathy-Bates-in-the-last-half-of-Misery” charm, it would be a tragic understatement to call Gina Haspel a mere CIA torturer; Trump’s soon-to-be DCIA is a bloodthirsty creature of hellfire, violence and pain who implicitly understands that the real purpose of torture is to shock the resistance out of whole societies. “Bloody Gina” not only tortured prisoners for the sake of torture, but she also had the good sense to destroy evidence of her crimes against humanity to protect the US regime – and that makes her the perfect type of unhinged bureaucratic sadist to oversee a new War on Terror and the merciless suppression of resistance against the pig empire in a US-occupied Iran.

If the ghastly rumors that Herr Donald is also trying to replace “moderate” warmonger H.R. McMaster with psychopathic neocon Trump-whisperer John Bolton as his National Security Advisor are true, myopic Amerikkkan plans to invade Iran would effectively be already written in blood. Bolton, a death-worshiping bomb walrus, would join the aforementioned CIA torture proponents and Trump’s highly-respected Defense Secretary “Mad Dog” Mattis to form a nightmare crusader Foreign Policy block focused directly on starting a disastrous fucking war with the Islamic Republic. Furthermore, it would be hopelessly naive to expect the US government’s shattered system of political norms to stop this madness; Bolton could be appointed without Senate confirmation and despite some grumbling, there is almost no chance sniveling Vichy Democrats who’re about to run a midterm ticket literally infested with ex-CIA maggots will take a meaningful stance against torture or a war in Iran.

Indeed, the god awful truth is that history shows us the inhuman political calculus of a major military conflict with Russia, Iran or both may actually represent a short term boon for all of the floundering right wing governments involved. Nowhere would this “rally around the flag” effect be more welcome than in the US and UK; where swine emperor Trump’s shift to unrestrained Bush-ism and lame-duck Brexit scapegoat PM Theresa May’s attempts to invoke fond memories of monstrous Maggy Thatcher, both seek to mask the heinous unpopularity of their respective reactionary, warmongering regimes. In light of this, is there any sane fucking reason to believe that either Trump or May wouldn’t start a mindbogglingly stupid war just to save their own withered hides? After all, it certainly wouldn’t be the first time in recent memory that these two western imperial allies sought to take their “special relationship” to the next level by committing mass murder in a distant foreign land for political purposes.

No gentle reader, the tea leaves all clearly point to the proverbial shit hitting the fan, and soon; my advice is to get a medical draft deferment now, before all the cool kids on your block want one. The baleful drums are pounding and whether it starts with Russia, Iran or in the powder keg CIA-funded jihadist thugs have created in Syria, a colossally moronic and absurdly dangerous conflict is just a shot away. The pig empire is always hungry for war.


– Nina Illingworth


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