The Simple Truth: No Puppet

Editor’s note: to be completely honest with you I’m up to my eyeballs in last minute moving chores and as such, I only have time for a fairly short post today. The downside of course is that the world doesn’t give a damn if I’m busy and the news has been awash with objectively crazy stories I wish I had more time dive into immediately. Fortunately however, this *does* give me a wonderful opportunity to catch up a Simple Truth article I’d originally intended to post during my extended, unwanted downtime this past fall.

As I’ve written numerous times in the past, the key to understanding the objectively absurd Russiagate scandal is separating the Trump administration’s very real corruption problems from the outrageous neo-McCarthyist conspiracy theories the swine emperor’s political opponents have fashioned around them. While Trump is demonstrably a crook, the idea that Russian intelligence is controlling a US President who can’t even control himself always defied logic and reason – now in light of recent geopolitical developments however, it’s time to finally retire the Manchurian Canidate theory from “reasonable” political discourse once and for all: 



Note: if you’re having trouble reading the above info-graphic, just right click on it, then select “view this image” to pop out a larger version. Additionally, don’t forget to check out my very brief comments after the sources section of this article.


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The United States and NATO Are Preparing for a Major War With Russia


To tell you the absolute truth, I’m definitely getting a little tired of having to say this – but let’s trying it one more time for the new folks at the back:



I don’t know about you but I find it extremely difficult to believe that absolutely nobody talking about Russiagate in the mainstream media knows which nations are allied with, or friendly towards Russia. Furthermore, I personally cannot imagine what kind of paranoid delusions one would have to be suffering from to sincerely contend that Trump has been actively provoking Russia (by occupying portions of its client state Syria and openly warmongering against Russian-allied Iran for almost a year now) – entirely as part of an elaborate ruse to hide his true loyalties.

At the end of the day however, I think it is safe to say that when your argument hinges on embracing the words of a known habitual liar as opposed to his recorded actions, it’s probably well past time to put down the Adderall and admit you’ve been writing a McCarthyist spy novel all along.


– Nina Illingworth


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